Othello Act 2 Scene 1


Act 2 scene 1

Key points:

-          Montano and three gentlemen discuss how the storm drowned the Turkish fleet.

-          Tempest (storm) conveniently destroys the Turkish fleet, meaning the threat is no longer on the outside it’s within the society.

-          Cyrus is unstable

-           Othello was completely in command of himself, and the idea that someone could manipulate him seems almost ludicrous. But Othello's self-possession is based on his knowledge that his military leadership is needed by the state. But the storm that destroys the Turks also means that Othello's military leadership, the source of his manhood, is no longer necessary.

-          Desdemona again demonstrates her loyalty and love toward her husband.

-          Iago expounds the prejudices against women and female sexuality that he will later use to manipulate Othello.

-          With the Turks defeated, the scene on Cyprus is domestic rather than military. Othello and Desdemona continue to act out their love for each other in front of all. Yet in commenting that he could happily die at this moment.

-           Iago lies to everyone, all the time. Here he gets


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