Oswald Quote Analysis - King Lear

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KIng Lear - Oswald Quote Analysis

“This ancient ruffian, sir, whose life I have spar'd At suit of his grey beard-” (Act 2, scene 2) - Oswald’s over-exaggeration of Kent’s age demonstrates the binary opposition of young versus the old throughout the play. However his dramatisation of their encounter also connotes that he is weak due to his low status meaning he is reliant on Goneril for protection, hence his loyalty.

“That eyeless head of thine was first framed flesh To raise my fortunes.” (Act 4, scene 6) - The alliteration of ‘f’ creates a very harsh tone, mirroring that of expletives in order to show his aggression towards Gloucester who disobeys Goneril, his mistress.

“I may not, madam. My lady charged my duty in this business.” (Act


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