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The comments about service and the role of servant in 'King Lear' might be slightly lost on the modern audience. However, in Shakespeare's day being a servant was a normal occupation and thus ideas about servitude were important. Therefore, through the servants of the various characters in the play Shakespeare is able to make many social comments.

  • Firstly that service to someone, through a servant position or as a close friend should be based on genuine care. One example is the servants who stand up to Cornwall to protect Gloucester in the blinding seen. There actions can be seen as very unselfish as they show absolute loyalty to Gloucester. There is also the Old Man who guides Gloucester before Poor Tom meets them. Again this is a very philanthropic action and shows the importance of genuine, unasked for care
  • There is also the idea that blind loyalty is dangerous. Critics often argue that Kent and Oswald are the representations of good and bad servants, respectively, and whilst Oswald doesn't question the evil actions of Goneril Kent does question


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