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British Depth Study Timeline
Heath as PM Economic Measures
How far did Heath change the Conservative party? Aims and Policies Industrial Relations
EEC Membership Miner's Strike
Heath lost the election and was
replaced by Wilson's labour
Heath had hoped that joining
party. Although making signifi-
Europe would aid economic
There were many protests cant changes during his period in
recovery buts it coincided with The introduction of the three -
particularly from Conservatives office he had failed to meet any
the 1973 oil crisis which left day week lost Heath a lot of
on the right who argued it was of his original aims and had been
This `new right' approach was This went completely against Heath's Britain worse off and highlighted support as many people were This `new right' approach was
This was a significant change to an attack on local identity. Many continuously successfully defied
very controversial with some original policies and lost a lot of that even as part of Europe they unable to cook and sit by candle- very controversial with some
Britain's dependency on welfare traditionalists also objected and The mounting problems with the by the Unions and in particular
people supporting the restriction support for the Conservatives as it were still susceptible to events light. Many people were op- people supporting the restriction
state as Heath's policies were as a result the Conservative Unions had forced Heath to the Miners.
of Union power but many of the destroyed people's confidence in the elsewhere over which they had posed to the miners as well as of Union power but many of the
mainly focused on self -help. party lost quite a bit of support. abandon his hands -off policy. no control. the Government.
workers opposing it. Government. workers opposing it. Miner's Strike / 1974
Election Victory Industrial Relations Act Heath's U-turn Local Government Act Miner's Strike Britain joins EEC 3-Day Week Oil Price Crisis Election
In retaliation for the
Problems with The NUM, led by Britain became a full Rather than give The Government
Heath's election Heath became PM It was essential- It restricted the Inflation had Heath was Peter Walker, Many historical Following De West's support of This drove up Encouraged by As a result Heath
the unions were Arthur Scargill, member on New in to the Miners was forced to give
victory was due and introduced ly an extension right of workers risen to 15% forced to return the administrative Gaulle's retirement Israel in the Arab- the price of fuel it's success in called an election
mainly caused used flying pickets Year's Day 1973. As Heath hoped to in and the strike
to a combina- policies allowing of `In Place of to strike, led to and industrial to the policy of Environment landmarks were in 1969, Britain was Israel war the Arab and oil-based the 1973 strike on `who ran the
by the Industrial to stop the Britain was an ad- defeat them by marked a major
tion of Labour's market forces to Strife' and was the creation of output was in controlling Minister, destroyed, invited to reapply. In members of OPEC products such as the NUM went country: the
Relations Act on movement of coal vanced industrial limiting fuel defeat with the
failures and the operate freely. aimed at the a National decline and prices and introduced whole areas 1972 it signed the (Organisation of plastic. It caused on strike in miners or the
1971. This strike which disrupted economy it had to usage and NUM gaining a
Conservative's power of the Industrial forced them to incomes. He also radical were subsumed treaty of accession. Petroleum Exporting rapid and severe pursuit of a government'. He
was a joint bid fuel and electrical make higher contri- calculated that 21% wage
`new right' Trade Unions Relations Court, turn around started to reforms to into newly At the time many Countries) drastically inflation further wage lost the election
to gain a wage supplies and butions than it the Government increase, nearly
approach which and giving freer and forced completely and nationalise reshape the created regions people believed that reduced their oil throughout the increase. having failed to
increase and reduced industrial received but on the would be able three times as
was summed by rein to market Unions to continue with struggling structure of and many place Britain could not supplies to Western industrial world. meet any of his
highlight the production, other hand it gained to last the strike much as they
`Selsdon Man'. forces. register. their original businesses such local names survive economically countries which they original goals set
number of pit resulting in the access to European longer than the originally
policy. as Rolls-Royce. Government. disappeared. on it's own. believed had sided out in 1970.
closures. three-day week. markets. miners. demanded. with Israel.
1970 1971 1972 1973 1974
Heath was forced to abandon `Selsdon Man' and free market forces due to economic decline changed to controlling prices and incomes People lost confidence in the Government which was Continuous successful strikes by the NUM eventually led
constantly forced to change its original policies. to the end of Heath's Government.
As part of the EEC, Britain was hit significantly by the oil price rise even
The Industrial Relations Act led to lots of resentment among the Unions though Heath believed the economy would be more secure by joining Europe.


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