Of Mice and Men characters- George

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  • George is intelligent and sharp. "Well, look Lennie - if you jus' happen to get in trouble like you always done before, I want you to come right here an' hide in the brush." George is planning ahead and prepared. He has learnt the Lennie is likely to get in to trouble and before he even does he is planning how it can be helped. 
  • George is described as having "restless eyes." This shows he is always on the look out for Lennie and making sure that Lennie is safe.
  • He stays with Lennie because Lennie's Aunt Clara asked him to, but also so that he had a friend and someone to travel around with. An important aspect of their dream is that they aren't lonely and have each other. "I want you to stay with me" "I got you to look after


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