Oedipus Quotes


          "That is because you are blind to what I can see" - Teiresias

  • "You have eyes but cannot see your own corruption" - Teiresias
  • "I know everything that you are suffering" - Oedipus
  • "You have committed terrible crimes against those closest to you." - Oedipus
  • "His own guilt and suffering were too great for his eyes to see it." - Tierisias
  • "Dark now, all dark" - Oedipus
  • "I suffer as much, perhaps more than you do." - Oedipus
  • "We know you to be the best of men." - Priest
  • "The murderers of Laius must be found (...) and bought to justice" - Oedipus
  • "What crisis could be greater than a murdered king?" - Oedipus
  • "I am Oedipus the king. Everyone knows my name." - Oedipus
  • "You are our captain, in rough weather or calm" -


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