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Poet Title Quotes And Love Themes
Shakespeare Sonnet 19 Traditional -Love and time.
sonnet form- -Art and literature
Three quatrains as a form of
and a couplet keeping love alive,
(where the Volta even after natural
occurs) effects (similar in
Forbids time `one Sonnet 20)
most heinous…

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`bears it out even
to the edge of

Shakespeare Sonnet 130 First 12 lines Realistic Love
(quatrains) are
devoted to the Criticises the use of
main idea of the hyperbole used by
poem, describing other poets.
his `mistress' in less Employs litotes for
than impressive effect.
Final line…

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John Donne The Flea `how little' it is Sex outside
what she denies marriage
`It sucked me first,
and now sucks Religion
thee. Importance of the
And in this flea, our social context
two bloods mingled (religion played a
be.' part in John
Donne's poetry
Not a `sin,…

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To move, but doth,
if the other Do.'

`Thy firmness
makes my circle
And makes me end
where I begun'

Phillip Larkin Talking in Bed `An emblem of two Isolation
people being
honest' ­ Marriage Disillusionment
bed, emblem for
marriage. Failure

`Lying together', Gap between
being together and expectations…

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`I prize thy love
more than whole
mines of gold.
Christina Rossetti Remember `Remember me Memories
when I am gone
away, Death
Gone far away into
the silent land' Moving on

`do not grieve' Sonnet
`better by far you (Petrarchan)
should forget and
Than that you
should remember

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W.H. Auden Funeral Blues `Stop all the clocks, Death and love
cut off the
telephone' Outside reflecting
feelings (wanting it
`the message, he is too)

`He was my north,
my south, my east,
my west.

My working week
and Sunday rest.

I thought that love
would last forever,


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