OCR Biology F214:Photosynthesis Part 1

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The Importance of photosynthesis 

From 4.2.1 a-d

ü  Define the term: autotrophs and heterotrophy

ü  State that the light energy is used during photosynthesis to produce complex organic molecules

ü  Explain how the respiration in plants and animals depend upon the products of photosynthesis

ü  State that in plants photosynthesis is a two stage process taking place in the chloroplast



Sooo….What is an Autotrophs?

·         -Definition: An organisms that uses light energy or chemical energy and organic molecules such as carbon dioxide, water molecules to synthesize complex organic molecules

1.Examples of Autotrophs include chemoautotroph’s

·         -The first form of Autotrophs were on Earth were chemoautotroph’s, which are prokaryotes that synthesis complex organic molecules, using energy derived from exrginc chemical reactions

·         -Examples of chemoautotroph’s are nitrifying bacteria used for recycling nitrogen because they obtain their energy from oxidizing ammonia to nitrate or oxidate nitrite into nitrates

·         -Another example of an chemoautotroph are organisms living near darkness, near oceanic vents which supports a very specific food chain for those area  

2.Example of a autotrphs are phototrophs

·         -Phototrophs are organisms that can photosynthesize, THEY CAN SELF FEEDING FOR PETE SAKE!

·         -Their source of energy is sunlight and their raw material is inorganic molecules such as carbon dioxide/water

·         -Funnily enough, Majority of photoautotroph’s are the food chains of the Earth

·         -Examples: Plants, some bacteria and some prototista like algae

Sooo…….What is a


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