Nuclear Physics

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The Atom.

  • Plum Pudding Model- Possitive 'dough' negative 'plums'.
  • Nuclear Model- atom with a nucleus.

Rutherford & Marsden.

  • Created a scattering experiment.
  • Alpha Particals were blasted into a piece of gold foil.
  • Most alpha particals passed straight through.
  • Some were passed through but were deflected at different angles.
  • Very few particals were deflected back on themselves (very large angle.)
  • Therefore, an atom consists mostly of open space, with a possitivly charged nucleus ( the alpha paricals are possitive- so they are repelled by the possitive nucleus.).

Proton- Charge +1. Mass 1.

Neutron- Charge 0. Mass 1.

Electron- Charge -1. Mass 0.

In a neutral atom.- the number of protons equals the number of electrons- therefore there is no overall charge.

  • Atoms can gain/ loose electrons to be charged ions.
  • Atoms of the same element but of differentnumbers of…


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