Notes for "A Bird Came Down the Walk" by Emily Dickinson

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Stanza One:

  • The man is coming towards her on her life path, but he is intially unaware of her, and is separate.
  • He is unself-conscious and there is a wildness about the man/bird.
  • "angleworm" - he has perhaps broken another woman's heart?
  • the word "raw" is emphasised by the comma, it makes it stand out more.

Stanza Two:

  • "hopped sudeways to the wall/to let a beetle pass" - he has manners, is civilised, he can be well mannered and polite.
  • different side of him from the first stanza

Stanza Three:

  • her attraction to him does not seem to be reciprocated
  • he has noticed her - "he…




nice never thought of that 

Tina Patel


Could you post more please? :)



wow, although that seems like a really viable interpretation, i was taught something completely different :( argh i dont what to believe now

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