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The Manhunt 2008


"frozen river"

"blown hinge"

"handle and hold the damage"

"i picture the scan the foetus of metal"

"unexplored mine buried deep in his mind"

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Mametz wood by Owen Sheers 2005

"broken birds egg of a skull"

"notes they had sung"

"dance macabre"

"earth stands sentinel"

"linked arm in arm"

"relic of a finger"

"wound working a foreign body to the surface of the skin"

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Living space by Imtiaz Dharker 1997

"not enough straight lines"

"nails clutch at open seams"

"into this rough frame someone has squeezed a living space"

"fragile curves of white hung out over the dark edge"

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Valentine by Carol Ann Duffy 1993

"not a red rose or a satin heart"

"it is a moon wrapped in brown paper"

"promises light"


"i give you an onion"

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Death of a naturalist by Seamus Heaney 1966

"angry frogs invaded"

"mammy frog"

"mud grenades"

"gross bellied frogs"

"the slap and pop were obscene threats"

"the great slime kings"

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Hawk Roosting by Ted Hughs 1960

"i kill where i please as it is all mine"

"i sit in thetop of the wood"

"my has permitted no change"

"the allotment of death"

"it took the whole of creation to produce my foot my each feather: now i hold creation in my foot"

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Afternoons by Phillip Larkin 1959

"hollows of afternoons"

"something is pushing them to the side of their own lives"

"estateful of washing"

"the leaves fall in their ones and twos"

"husbands in skilled trades"

"setting their hildren free"

"the wind is ruining their couting places"

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Dulce et decorum est byWilfred Owen 1916

"old beggars"



"ecstasy of fumbling"


"misty panes"


"green light"

"green sea"

"incurable sores on innocent tongues"

"devils sick of sin"

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The soldier by Rupert Brooke 1914

"english heaven"

"pulse in the eternal mind"

"blest by the suns of home"

"washed by the rivers"

"this heart"

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A wife in london by Thomas hardy 1899

"the streetlamps glimmer cold"

"firelight flicker"

"cracks", "flashed", "dazes".

"his hand whom the worm now knows"

"webby fold on fold"

"shaped so shortly: He has fallen"

"waning taper"

"fog hangs thicker"

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As imperceptibly as grief by Emily Dickinson 1865

"summer made her light escape into the beautiful"

"summer lapsed away"

"without a wing or service of a keel"

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Sonnet 43 by Elizabeth Barrett Browning 1846

"how do i love thee"

"as men strive for right"

"i shall but love thee better after death"

"childhoods faith"

" i love thee with the passion put to use in my old griefs"

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To Autumn by John Keats 1819

"swallows twitter in the skies"

"the soft dying day"

"sweet kernel"

"seasons of mist and mellow fruitfulness"

"swell the gourd/plump the hazel shells"

"ripeness to the core"

"wailful choir"

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Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley 1818

"boundless and bear"

"lone and level"

"sneer of cold command"

"antique land"

"sculptor well those passions read"

"legs of stone"

"sounds stretch"

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She walks in beauty by Lord Byron 1813

"the nameless grace/which waves in every raven tress"

"all thats best of dark and bright/meet in her aspect and her eyes"

"she walks in beauty like the nigh/ of cloudless climes and starry skies"

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Excerpt from the prelude byWilliam Wordsworth 1800

"the village clock toll'd 6"

"through the darkness and cold we flew"

"not a voice was idle"

"untir'd hose"

"polish'd ice"

"woodland pleasures"

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London by William Blake

"youthful harlots curse"

"hapless soldiers sigh"

"blackening church appalls"

"charter'd streets"

"marriage hearse"

"in every"

"blood down the palace walls"

"mind forg'd manacles"

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