New York Counterpoint Movemnt II

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Performing Forces and Their Handling

11 clarinets, 1 live, 9 pre-recorded clarinets and 2 pre-recorded bass clarinets

1,2,3 are grouped together from C# to C# octave higher

4,5,6 are grouped from A to A (octave) 

7,8,9,10 - much wider range, play persistent repeated notes

Exception to this is at beginning where clarinets work in pairs

Bass Clarinet has lowest note E


Contrapuntal, Bar 3 - imitation of one quaver, Bar 

Pairs of clarinets move in homoryhtm at beginning

2 bar ostinati in clarinet parts

Staggered Entries

At Bar 27 Semiquaver passage in clarinets 7-10 working in homorhythm

Live clarinet plays own soloistic line

Bar 13, three part canon 


No distinctive form 

1-12 Introduction of melodic/canonic material as the number of instruments playing increases. 



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