Music AoS1: Prelude No. 15 in Dbmajor 'Raindrop Prelude'

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  • Composed 1838, romantic period
  • Prelude: brief opening piece, sets a mood, Chopin's stand alone, depict specific idea or emotion
  • Raindrops shown by repeating Abs (pedal note) in sectionA, G#s in section B (Eharmonic)
  • Opening 3 notes descend
  • Section B minor to be storm


  • Ternary form ABA
  • A1- bars1-27 (calm), B- bars28-75 (dark and stormy), A2- bars76-81 (calm), Codetta- bars82-89
  • A sections ternary, section B AAB

Tonality and Harmony

  • Section A: Dbmajor, opening 3 notes are from triad, harmony is Ab=pedal note, accidentals, modulates…


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