Movement across membranes

Diffusion - The movement of particles from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration.

  • Solute - The particles dissolved in the solvent.
  • Solvent - The liquid in which the solution is dissolved in
  • Solution - A mixture of the solvent and solute

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It is a natural tendency of particles to spread out due to the random movement of them.

Diffusion only takes place in solutions and gasses as particles can only move in those states. So, they cannot happen in solids.

Concentration gradient - Difference in concentation between two places

Equilibrium is reached when there is an equal concentration of the solute in all regions of the system (there is no concentration gradient). At this state the particles are still moving between them but there is no net movement.

Factors that affect diffusion

  • The higher the concentration gradient, the more the rate of diffusion
  • The more the temperature, the more the…


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