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Structure – Intro, verse, chorus, verse, break, chorus, verse, outro

Tonality – The piece is in A minor, but changes to C major during the second part of the chorus

Harmony – Whole song based on two simple repeated chord sequences

Piano intro and verse: Am  /  Em  /  G  /  D

Chorus: C  /  Am  /  C  /  Am        then      F  /  C  /  F  /  C

Sus 2 and sus4 chords are used by the piano during verse 1

Texture – Builds up gradually in into and first verse, the texture suddenly thins




It's definitely repetitve!

Former Member


Very helpful, but the section under Texture was somewhat unclear: '...the texture suddenly thins out when the chorus comes back for the second time. Fuller texture returns when the chorus comes back for the second time, then fuller texture returns.'  Thanks all the same!

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