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  • Miracles
    • Hume
      • Miracles are violations of the laws of nature.
      • A miracle is false unless the idea of the witnesses being wrong is more miraculous than the miracle itself.
      • Probability Argument - Is it more likely that the miracle occurred or that the testimonies were wrong? Hume would say the witnesses being wrong is more likely.
    • Swinburne
      • Quantum Laws - our laws are based on probability. They are human concepts and so perhaps God can suspend these laws to allow miracles to occur.
    • Ward
      • disagrees with the term 'violations of the laws of nature' - sounds like there is something wrong with believeing in miracles
    • Tillich
      • Believes in miracles - says they are signs from God and should reveal something about him to the people.
      • He says that miracles HAVE to violate the laws of nature to be out of the ordinary.
    • Maurice Wiles
      • He said that miracles would have to occur infrequently to avoid the laws of nature becoming meaningful, yet they are frequent.
      • the pattern of occurring miracles is STRANGE
      • Raised the question of THE PROBLEM OF EVIL


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