Minor Parties (Do they matter?)

  • minor parties dont get representation in the House of Commons because of electoral systems
  • e.g. lib dems,UKIP, green party
  • dont get funded and therefore suffer
  • suffer from media coverage - their focus is always on labour and conservatives


  • isnt really a minor party because they are only the biggest party in Scotland - is a major party
  • electoral success in scotland
  • have been in govt for around 8 years
  • introduced different policies - minimal alcohol pricing,university fees, different health policies
  • wants scotland to be independent - 2014 referendum (but lost). However, they continue to win elections (now wants a 2nd referendum on independence) suggests that they do matter

Counter argument - parliament can decide on referendum/election - PM has the power to (parliamentary sovereignty)

Vote shares - in elections in scotland are generally high but low nationally



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