Edexcel GCE Government and Politics Unit 3, Topic C, Representative processes in the USA, Elections and voting

Powerpoint revision slides on Elections and voting for the Edexcel Government and politics Governing the USA specification

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Elections and voting…read more

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When do presidential
elections occur?
Every four years.
Article two of the constitution.
Death of a president = no special election
Occurs between the 2nd and 8th of November.
4 distinct stages.…read more

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Stages of presidential election
1. Primaries and Caucuses
1. Choose delegates to attend Nat Convention.
2. National Party Conventions
1. Decide on party platform.
3. General election campaign
1. Various presidential candidates.
4. Election day/Electoral college
1. Elect president and vice-president.…read more

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Requirements for a
presidential candidate
Constitutional requirements:
35years of age.
Two terms
Extra-constitutional requirements:
Political experience (VP, State gov, Senators).
Major party endorsement.
Personal characteristics.
Ability to raise large sums of money
Effective organisation
Oratorical skills and being telegenic.
Sound and relevant policies.…read more

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Invisible primary
Period between declaring an intention to run to be the presidential
candidate and the first contests of the primary season.
Hope to be `mentioned' as many times as possible.
Opinion polls demonstrate support for a candidate.
Head to head polls.
Iowa straw poll ­ any would be Republican candidate gives a speech at a
fundraising dinner
Jefferson-Jackson day dinner ­ Speeches by Democrat presidential
Money raising starts to occur in earnest.…read more

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Election to choose a party's candidate for the
presidential election.
Show the popularity of the candidate.
Choose delegates to go to the National party
conventions.…read more

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Old Sir


A useful set of slides which outline the process for choosing a president quite comprehensively. Students should look to augment their knowledge of the process with case studies that will be useful in addressing AO2 (evaluation and analysis). Coverage for the Congressional election process is much less detailed.

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