Millerian movements, Gramsci and religion and class conflict

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Millenarian movements;

  • are an example of the desire to change things here and now, to bring about the kingdom of god on earth, Wolesly argues that they expect the total and imminent transformation of this world by supernatural means, creating heaven on earth.
  • They appeal mainly to the poor because they promise immediate improvement, and they often arise in colonial situation
  • European colonianism shattered the traditional tribal social structures and cultures of the colonised peoples
  • Worsley studied the cargo cults-millerian movement in Melanesia, where islanders felt deprived when 'cargo' arrived in the islands for the colonists
  • Cargo cults asserted that the cargo had been meant for the natives but had been diverted by the whites for themselves, and that this was about to be overturned. These movements often led to…


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