Memory Main Studies.


Peterson and Peterson 1959- consonant trigram and number. 80% accuracy with 3s, <10% with 18s. (STM duration).

Conrad 1964- errors with similar consonants eg C,B,D in chain rather than dissimilar. Shows STM encoding is acoustic.

Jacobs 1887- unrelated digits/letters recall. Average 7 +/-2. (STM capacity).

Cowan 2001- suggested chunking limit was 4.

Bahrick et al 1975- 392 graduates shown year book. 60% accuracy with recognition, 20% accuracy with recall. Declined after 42 years. (LTM duration).

Baddeley 1966- similar sounds/ meanings. Errors recalling semantically similar= LTM semantic encoding. (LTM encoding).

Atkinson and Shifrin 1968-made multi store memory model.

Glanzer and Cunitz- serial position effect supports role of rehearsal in MSM.

Ruchkin et al 2003- higher acitivity for real words than pseudo so STM part of LTM, not linear seperate stores. (Against MSM).

Craik and Tulving 1975- depth of encoding is more important than rehearsal.

Baddeley and Hitch 1974- made…


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