Medical Ethics

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  • Euthanasia is the assisted ending of someone's life who is suffering. It is not suicide.
  • It is illegal in the Uk, but is legal in other places, such as the Netherlands.
  • There are 2 main types of euthanasia:
  • Voluntary = the person concerned asks someone to help them die, perhaps by asking for help to take an overdose of painkillers
  • Involuntary = euthanasia is carried out without the patient’s consent, for example, if they are in a persistent vegetative state and no longer able to live without a lifesupport machine, which is then switched off
  • Christians are usually against euthanasia, but there are exceptions.
  • They may believe that:
  • life is God-given
  • birth and death are part of the life processes that God has created, therefore we should respect them
  • God has chosen a path for all of us, and He has decided when we must die, so we should follow his plan
  • no human has the authority to take another human's life
  • human life is sacred because…


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