Media - Prosocial Behaviour

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Altruism: Feelings and behaviours that show a complete selfless desire to help other people in spite of recieving no benefits yourself. Explanation one: Social Learning Theory Bandura- Children learn through observation of behaviours which they will then imitate if expectation of reward is greater than expectation of punishment. Prosocial behaviour likely to represent established norms such as helping people. There are four stages to modelling behaviour: 1. Attention 2. Retention 3. Reproduction 4. Motivation SLT argues that children learn behaviour through direct experience and vicarious learning. They will choose powerful individuals as role models. Sprafkin et al 1975: 6 year olds watch an episode of lassie. 1 group saw a puppy rescue scene, 1 group saw no rescue and the last group saw the brady bunch. All ther children played a game where a prize could be won in which they came across a lost puppy. Those that watch the puppy rescue scene spent…


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