Media Theorists

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Antonio Gramsci

  • The ideological role of the media is to persuade us that it is in our best interest to accept the dominance of this elite
  • Introduced and used the concept of hegemony 
  • This elite is able to rule because the rest of the population allow it to do so
  • How people are influenced into accepting the dominance of a power elite
  • Hegemony can also be applied to the power relations found in gender, sexuality and race
  • Popular culture contributes to the manufacturing of consent for bourgeosie power within captilalist societies

How are Gramsci's ideay reflected in everyday life?

Every day behaviours that keep government's in power...

  • People hanging flags from their homes 
  • People rising and removing thier hats when the national anthem is sung 
  • People celebrating a country's independence day with parades and picnics

Every day behaviours that keep corporations in power...

  • People wearing designer clothing 
  • People shopping at chains instead of local stores 


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