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Gauntlett and Buckingham

"Identity is complicated - everybody thinks they've got one" - Gauntlett 

"The media has a positive impact on young people's identity formation and opportunities for learning but in some instances can produce identity confusion" - Buckingham

"A focus on identity requires us to pay closer attention to the ways in which media and technologies are used in everyday life and their consequences for social groups" - Buckingham

Mediation - "The media do not just offer us a transparent window on the world but a mediated version of the world. They don't just present reality, they re-present it" - Buckingham 2003

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Other theorists

Michael Wesch

Henry Jenkins

Martin Baker

Angela McRobbie

Julian McDougall

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Collective identity

Collective identity - The individual's sense of belonging to a group (part of personal identity.)

Memes - "A catchphrase or concept that spreads quickly from person to person via the internet"

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