Maintenance of relationships

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Maintenance of Relationships

AO1- social exchange theory

  • series of exchanges based on rewards, cost + profit
  • Rewards= Sex, companionship etc
  • costs= efforts, financial investment
    Rewards-costs= profit/loss

Comparison Level: determinest value of exchanges

  • CL is based on prev r-ships exp + current r-ship exp + comparison of poss alternatives
  • CL also based on benefits of being or not being in current r-ship (less arguing)
    if judgement of current r-ship is poor value, person motivated to end it or maintain it
    If profits exceed CL

**Rusbult found that when a person decides whether to end a relationship or not, weigh up the rewards and costs of the relationship with other potential relationships available, and also the investment already made into the relationship.

  • Investment is defined as ‘anything a person puts into a relationship that will be lost if they leave it’. This could include possessions, welfare of children, emotional energy, money

    1) Rusbult

  • asked college students in heterosexual relationships questionnaires over a 7-month period, - noting how satisfactory the relationship was, how much they had invested in it and how it compared with…


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