magnets and magnetic fields


Magnets and their fields:

magnets have two poles. a field is a region affected whereby magnetic materials are affected by a force. Field lines always point from North to South. placing two magnets with north next to south creates a uniform magnetic field. you can investigate magnetic fields by using multiple compasses or by using iron filings. magnetism can be induced.


a current running through any material creates a magnetic field the larger the current the stronger the field. through a straight wire a field will be circular. around a flat circular field there will be an elliptical field (stretched circles) the field around a solenoid is like a bar magnet. If a magnetic material looses magnetism it is called soft. If you add a soft iron core to a solenoid it makes the field more strong or hard if it keeps it permanently.

The motor effect:

when you put a wire in between magnetic poles they will affect one another thus causing the wire to move. if it moves along magnetic field no force will be induced. if you reverse the


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