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  • Magnets
    • Magnetically hard materials retain their magnetism e.g. magnets
    • Magnetically soft materials lose their magnetism e.g. iron
    • All magnetic materials attract but only magnets repel
    • Uniform = same strength
      • Uniform magnetic field - between the opposite poles of two magnets placed close together
        • To create a uniform magnetic field bring two poles close together then many field line will travel straight from one pole to the other
    • Magnetic field line never cross as they only show direction of a force
      • To show field lines place 2 magnets under a sheet of paper and sprinkle iron filings on to the top of the sheet
        • The iron filings will arrange themselves into strings of filings along field lines
      • Go north to south
      • Earth's magnetic field is similar in shape to one around a magnet
        • Caused by electric currents flowing through the molten outer core of the earth
    • When a soft magnet is brought near to a permanent magnet it is attached as it has magnetism induced in it
      • The poll of a permanent magnet always induced the opposite pole in an unmagnetised piece of magnetic field


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