Loop of Henle

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1. Water leaves the decending limb caused by the ↓ Ψ caused by ions in acending limb being pumped out into a vasa recta

2. Acending limb Na+ ions pumped out causing Ψ to ↑ in the acending limb 

Loop of Henle- mechanism 

1. Na and Cl- pumped out of acending limb into TF (ATP) ↓ Ψ of TF (few enter decending limb) 

2. Osmosis from tubular fluid in lower part of descending limb into capillaries ∴ Ψ of desc limb = Ψ of TF 

3. Tubular fluid goes down desc limb which is losing ↑ water ∴ becoming ↑ conc and ↓Ψ as it goes deeper in the medualla 

4. Tubular fluid into


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