Loftus and Palmer (1974) Leading Questions, Procedure, Findings and Conclusions

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Included two separate but related experiments which aimed to investigate the influence of leading questions (ones that suggest what answer should be given.

Experiment 1

Saw 45 students in various groups and sizes watch 7 clips from car accidents lasting 5 – 30 seconds. Order of films differed for each group.

P’s were then given a questionnaire; asked them to describe collision and then had series of specific questions, including one about speed of vehicles in accident (critical question).

Five different verbs used - ‘smashed’, ‘collided’ ‘bumped’ ‘hit’ or ‘contacted’, each being given to nine participants.

Experiment 2

15O students, groups varying in size, film less than 1 minute, contained multiple car accident that was shown for 4 seconds.

After the film P’s were given a questionnaire. First asked them to describe collision then had series of questions. For 50 p’s this included the critical question about how fast were the


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