Localisation of function in the brain


Localisation of function in the brain

Localisation vs holistic theory

  • Holistic- old view that all parts of the brain are involved with processing thought and action
  • Localisation- specific areas of the brain are associated with particular physiological functions. If an area becomes damaged through illness/ trauma, the function associated with this area will also be affected

Hemispheres of the brain

  • Lateralisation- the two halves of the brain are functionally different and each hemisphere has functional specialisations
  • The Right hemisphere controls the left side of the body
  • The Left hemisphere controls the right side of the body
  • The cortex of both hemispheres is split into 4 lobes, each one associated with a different function

The motor, somatosensory, visual and auditory centres

  • The motor area 
    • Found in the frontal lobe
    • Controls voluntary movement
    • Damage to this area results in loss of control over fine motor movements
  • Somatosensory area
    • Found in parietal lobe
    • Sensory info from skin receptors received here
    • Damage to this area results in the inability to identify objects through touch
  • Visual area
    • Found in the occipital lobe
    • Each eye sends info to the opposite side
    • Damage to one side results in blindness in the opposite eye
  • Auditory area


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