Living Things

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Life Processes

  • an organism is a living thing
  • a life process is somethin that every living thing does
  • there are seven life processes and for something to be alive, it must do all seven life processes

Remember MRS GREN - each letter stands for a lfe process

Movement - adjusting he position of your body

Respiration - turning food into energy

Sensitivity - noticing changes and responding to them

Growth and Repair - becoming bigger and replacing worn out parts

Reproduction - makig more organisms like yourself

Excretion - removing waste substances from your body

Nutrition - taking in materials for growth

Animal and Plant Cells

  • all organisms are made up of cells
  • a cell is the smallest part of a body and every cell is alive
  • you can see cells through a microscope (stain first)
  • a system is a group of organs working together
  • an organ is a body part made up of diferent tissues working together
  • a tissue is a group of the same type of specialist cell

An animal cell is made up of the cell membrane, cytoplasm and nucleus. A plant cell is made up of the cell membrane, cytoplasm, nucleus, cell wall, vacuole and chloroplasts. Plant cells are packed tightly as tissue needs to be rigid.

  • Vacuole - bag filled with water to help keep shape of plant firm
  • Chloroplast - filled with chlorophyll to trap light energy for photosynthesis
  • Cell Wall - made of cellulose which helps keep cell's shape
  • Nucleus - contains instructions which control the cell
  • Cell Membrane - holds cell together and controls what goes in and out
  • Cytoplasm - jelly-like stuff where chemical reactios occur.

Human Organ Systems

  • an organ system is a team of different organs working together to do a job

There are nine major organ systems of the body. They are:

1) The Digestive System:

  • function - breaks down food so that it can be absorbed into the body 
  • body parts involved - gullet, stomach, small and large intestine, anus

2) The Repiratory:

  • function - takes in oxygen for respiration and removes water and CO2
  • body parts involved - windpipe, lungs, diaphragm

3) The Excretory System

  • function - removes water from blood ad controls water in body
  • body parts involved - kidney, bladder

4) The Circulatory System

  • function…


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