Little Hans (1909)

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  • Little Hans (1909)
    • Aim
      • Report the findings of the treatment of a 5 year old boy for his fear of hourses
    • Procedure
      • Unique Case Study
      • Used dream analysis
      • Freud met Han's once/twice
        • His parents documented developments of Han's
          • Han's father was a fan of Freud and gave him information on Han's dreams
          • Freud gave his father directions on how to deal with the reports
    • Description of Themes
      • Widdler: 3 years old - interested in his and others widdlers - mother threatened to have the doctor cut it off if he touched his widdler.
        • Han's in the phallic stage - in denial about his interest showing repression pushed unwanted desires into unconscious mind
      • Lumpf: interest in wiping bottoms, toilet functions.
        • unresolved conflict from anal stage
      • Plumber: remove Han's bottom and widdler for larger ones. fear of horses disappears
        • evidence of Oedipus complex. resolving issues and wants to be like his father
          • resolving anxieties/ conflicts
      • Fear of horses: father connected to fear of large penis. anxiety dreams about losing his mother
        • Oedipus complex and castration anxiety. horse represents father: had black bits and blinkers to show glasses and moustache
      • Marriage: married his mother and plays with his children, his father is the grandfather. fear of horses gone
        • Oedipus complex, resolving conflicts/ anxieties. doesn't want his father dead anymore. identified with him
      • Wishing Father Dead: his dad went away a lot, closer relation formed with mother, family move so father is home more. Han's wished him dead, admits to be jealous of sister
        • Oedipus complex. possessive of mother and wants dad dead. jealous of sister as she is more like mother
      • Giraffe: big giraffe (unhappy) and crumbled giraffe Han's takes away when the calling stops he sits on the crumpled one
        • Oedipus complex. symbolises Han's morning routine as his father objects to him getting in bed with them, he represses the feelings, focuses libido on her
    • Evaluation
      • Other explanation: classical conditioning explains his fear of horses
      • Low reliability: unique case study, open to interpretation, no standardised procedure, cant be repeated with similar results
      • High validity: lots of in depth qualitative data produced
      • Subjective: Freud's interpretations of Han's father's interpretations, Freud only met Han's once or twice, Han's father was a fan of Freud


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