Levels of Organisation

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Cells contain Organelles 

Organelles are tiny structures within cells. You can only see them under a powerful microscope:

Animal Cell Organelles

  • Nucleas: an organelles which contains the genetic material that controls the cells activities. It is surrounded by its own membrane
  • Cell membrane: this membrane forms the outer surface of the cell and controls the substances that go in and out
  • Cytoplasm: a gel-like substance where most of the cells chemical reacions happen. It contains enzymes which control these reactions

Plant Cells have the same organelles as Animals plus a few extra

  • Chloroplasts: photosynthesis which makes food for the plant happens here. Chloroplats contain a green substance called chlorophyll, which is used in photosynthesis.
  • Cell wall: a rigid structure made of cellulose, whihc surrounds the cell membrane. It supports the cell and…


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