Levels of Organisation

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  • Levels of organisation.
    • Specialized cells
      • Ciliated cells -Movement of mucus in the trachea and bronchi
      • Root hair cells -Absorption of water and mineral salts in the soil.
      • Xylem vessels -They transport mineral ions from the roots to the leaves. Conduction and support of the stem.
      • Palisade mesophyll cells -They absorb C02 from the air for photosynthesis.
      • Nerve cells -They conduct electrical impulses along the fiber to and from the brain and spinal cord.
      • Red blood cells -They transport oxygen around the body.
      • Sperm and egg cells -They are used for reproduction.
    • Tissue.
      • A group of cells with similar structures, working together to perform a shared function.
    • Organ
      • A structure made up of a group of tissues, working together to perform specific functions.
    • Organ system
      • -A group of organs with related functions working together to perform body functions.


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