Lens and Images

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Different Lenses 

Lenses form images by refracting light and changing its direction.

Converging Lens


  • A converging lens is a convex-it bulges outwards.
  • causes parallel rays of light to converge (move together) at the principal focus.
  • The principal focus of a converging lens is where rays hitting the lens parallel to the axis all meet

Diverging Lens


  • A diverging lens is a concave-it caves inwards
  • Causes parallel rays of light to diverge.
  • The principle focus is the point where rays hitiing the lens parallel to the axis appear to all come from-you can trace them back until they all appear to meet up at a point behind the lens.

Rules for Refraction

Converging lens

  • An incident ray parallel to the axis refracts through the lens and passes


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