P4 Physics pg 102

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  • Magnification, Cameras and Projections
    • Convex lenses create magnified images
      • The object being magnified must be close to the lens
      • The image produced is a virtual image
    • The image on the sensor on a camera is a real image
      • Light from the object travels to the camera and is refracted by the lens
      • The image is inverted and the object is further away then the focal lens
    • Projectors make the image larger than the object
      • When you project an image, the obkect is placed upside down and close to the lens
      • The light from the object is refracted by the lens producing a real image
    • Images are focused by moving the lens
      • The closer the object is to the lens, the further from the lens the image will be
    • Magnification = image size/object size


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