Lennie is short for Lenord which deprevied from old german name Lewenhart meaning strong as a lion. His name Small is ironic in refernce to his size.

  • Mentaly handicapped
  • Simple innocent outlook on life.
  • Contrast to his physicallity, he is strong with childlike emotions
  • Suggests steinbeck thinks its not possible for a simple minded person
  • innocnece of dream is underminded by his disability
  • Simplicity is enderaing as it is at odds with relaity,
  • Animalistic terms emphasises simple insticntual nature
  • Actions foreshadow and narative describes
  • Central to tragedy
  • Doomed from the start- girl in weed and crushed mouse.

'make 'um stop George' the parental relationship is displayed by this as Lennie looks to George for help , almost like a child wanting their mother.

'smiled helplessly in an attempt to make friends' Lennie…


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