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  • Lennie
    • Animal Imagery
      • "the way a bear drags his paws"
        • Lennie is described like a bear- a dangerous and unpredictable creature.
      • "snorting into the water like a horse"
        • Lennie is very strong and are only good for working, like Lennie
      • ""Slowly, like a terrier"
        • Another example of Lennie being compared to an Animal
    • Friendship
      • "Lennie...imitated George exactly"
      • "I forgot." Lennie said softly"
        • Lennie is ashamed of himself because he knows that he has upset George
      • "you got me to look after you.."
        • Lennie is delighted- He and George are friends
    • Violence
      • "Lennie said cleverly"
        • Lennie can be devious
      • "I pinched their heads a little and then they was dead"
        • Lennie does not appreciate his own strength- makes him very dangerous


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