Latin Vocab List



Book 2




Stage 13


aedificium     building

ceteri             the rest

custos            guard

vita                  life


advenio          I arrive

canto              I sing

dico (dixi)       I say

excito              I wake

interficio         I kill

nolo                I don’t want

possum          I am able

ruo                  I rush

traho (traxi)    I drag

volo                 I want

vulnero          I wound


aeger              sick, ill

alter               the other

fessus                        tired

nullus             not any


ita vero           yes

se                    himself






Stage 14


aula                palace

deus               god

domina           mistress

donum           gift

maritus           husband

rex                   king


deleo             I destroy


attonitus         astonished

decorus          proper

difficilis          difficult

fidelis             faithful

necesse         necessary


aliquid            something

apud               among, at

cotidie            every day

diligenter       carefully

ipse, ipsa       him/herself

iste                  that

num?              surely...not

quam              how

quamquam    although

-que                and

ubi                  when



Stage 15


agmen            procession

aqua              water

equus             horse

lectus            couch

litus                 sea-shore

mare               sea

nauta              sailor

princeps         chief

sacerdos        priest

unda               wave


claudo            I close

debeo             I ought

impedio          I hinder


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