Korean War, 1950-3

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  • Korea was divided into two countries in May 1945
  • the north became communist and controlled by Russia whereas the south became anti-communist
  • June 27th USA joined Korean War
  • 25th June 1950 north korea invaded the south and tried to take control of Seoul but the south doesn't have enough strength of an army to stop it
  • on June 25th also, the south Korean president Syngman Rhee murdered 100,000 people in fears that they're communist even though they're meant to be a capitalist country
  • in October 1950, China joined the Korean War on the side of the north
  • the Battle of Inchon was a sea invasion that involved 75,000 troops and 261 naval vessels which led to the recapture of Seoul and pushed the S. Korean border back to the 38th parallel
  • on the 27th July 1953, an armistice was agreed between USA, North Korea and…




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