Key Words: Environmental Studies 2.2


Hydrogen Bond - the weak electrostatic bond formed between water molecules, which gives water a high boiling point

Anomalous Expansion - unusual expansion, usually applies to water, which expands as it is cooled below 4 C

Residence time - the average length of time that a molecule remains in a reservoir (RT=Vol/Average transfer rate in or out the reservoir)

Aquifer - an underground rock structure from which water is extracted

Reservoir - the general storage location name for any material

Transfer rate - the volume of material moves from one reservoir to another

Precipitation - condensation of atmospheric water vapour that reaches the Earth's surface in any liquid or solid form

Throughflow - sideways movement of water in the ground

Interception - precipitation that doesn't reach the ground landing on vegetation

Infiltration - the process by which surface water enters the ground between the particles of soil or rock

Percolation - the movement of water between the particles of soil or rock

Groundwater flow - the…


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