Key Words: Environmental Studies 2.1


Chemoautotrough - an organism that gains its metabolic energy using energy from chemical reactions e.g. nitrifying bacteria (Nitrogen cycle)

Ozone - Triatomic oxygen

Stratosphere - Layer of atomsphere that absorbs UV and contains ozone. Above troposphere.

Dynamic Equilibrium - Combination of active processes that cancel eachother's effects out so there is no overall change e.g. Photosynthesis and Respiration

Troposphere - Layer of atmosphere below the Stratosphere.

Infrared Radiation - long wavelength electromagnetic radiation emitted from warm objects

Nuclear fusion - the release of energy during the joining of the nuclei of small atoms

Electromagnetic radiation - energy in the form of energy waves with a range of frequencies

Global Climate Change - the various changes to the climate caused by increased energy being retained in the atmosphere as a result of human activities e.g Combustion of fossil fuels

Greenhouse Effect - the natural processes by which atmospheric gases…


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