Key words for Sikhism

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Harmonium is a musical instrument similar to a Piano. Harmonium is used in reciting Kirtan.

Kabeer Ji
A devotee of God who lived in the 14th century. Kabeer Ji was born in Muslim religion but did not consider himself either Muslim or Hindu. He was a true devotee of God and attained salvation by meditating on God.

Special undergarment, drawers or briefs resembling boxer shorts. Kachhehra is worn by Sikhs as a reminder to practice marital fidelity. It is a symbol of self control. Kachhehra is one of the Five K.

Wooden comb carried by Amritdhari Sikh as a reminder to practice cleanliness. It is a symbol of hygiene and discipline. Kanga is one of the Five K.

A steel bracelet worn by Sikh as a symbol of committment to truthfulness, strength, and unity. It is also considered as a visible deterrant to wrongdoing by attaching a symbol of God to the hand. Kara is one of the Five K.

Karah Parsad
A sacramental food served at religious ceremonies in the presence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. It is a symbol of equality of all members of the congregation. Karah Prasad is made of flour, sugar and ghee (clarified butter).

A belief that if you do harm to someone, you will suffer because of your actions.

Princess. All female members of the Sikh community adopted Kaur as their last name to abolish the caste system and establish human equality.

Unshorn hair usually covered by a turban. Kesh symbolizes spirituality, living in a way God made us and the prohibition of harm to the body. Kesh is one of the Five K.

The pure ones. The term is also used as a collective description of the Sikh community.

The Khanda is the emblem of the Sikh faith.


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