Key Words: Environmental Studies 1.2


Biomimetics - the study of living organisms so the knowledge gained can be applied to engineering or tech developments

Teratology - the study of the causes of birth defects

Indigenous species - species that are native to the area

Gene pool - the total variety of different genes in all the members of a population

Species interdependence - the survival of many species relies upon the services that are provided by other species

CITES - Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species

Niche - the niche of a species is the role it plays in its habitat, which includes how it makes use of resources and responds to the other species in its habitat

Endemic - an endemic species is indigenous to a particular area and is not naturally found elsewhere

Wildlife and Countryside Act - a UK Act of Parliament that provides protection for many wildlife species and designated protected areas

SSSIs - Sites of Special Scientific Interest

NNRs - National Nature Reserve


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