Keeping Cool-B7 Further Biology

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Controlling Body Temperature

Humans need to keep their body temperature at about 36.9°C.

If the temperature is to hot ,chemical reactions in the body start to go faster,which can lead to serious problems,even death.

In order to reduce body temperature:

  • Blood is diverted towards the skin,aloowing heat to be radiated away from the skin surface
  • Sweat is produced,which cools the body as it evaporates.


Sweating cools the body very effectively

However,in worst conditions especially during strenuous exercise,a human can lose 2.5 litres of fluid evry hour.

Sweat is a solution of Urea and salts in water ,the person also loses sodium and potassium.These elements are essensial for healthy muscle and nerve functioning.

If the missing salts and water is not replace the body becomes dehydrated. 

Sweating will be reduced to save water and will eventually cease.This allows the body to get hotter leading to greater strain on t organs in the body and in due course death.

At 20°C Death can occur

 At 25 °C


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