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1) Osmoregulation (regulating water content) - you need to keep a balance between the water you gain (in drink, food, and from respiration) and the water you ppe, sweat and breathe out.

2) Thermoregulation (regulating body temperature) - you need to get rid of excess body heat when you're hot, but retain heat when the environment is cold. 

3) Blood glucose regulation - you need to keep the glucose in your blood at a steady level. 

A mechanism call negative feed back helps to keep all these things steady: 

Changes in the environment trigger a response that counteracts the changes - e.g. a rise in body temperature causes a response that lowers body temperature. 

This means that the internal environment tends to stay around a norm, the level at which the cells work best. 

This only works within certain limits - if the environment changes to much


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