Kant's Moral Argument


- Immanuel Kant was an 18th Century Philospher, and his moral argument was published in his book, "Critique of practicalreason"

- Not based on the nature of morallity, rather the rationality of moral behaviour

Kant's Argument

- Kant steps his argument out into four stages

- Moral behaviour is rational: Kant is adament that moral behaviour must be rational; we must have a good reason to be moral, otherwise we wouldn't be. This is a fundamental principal of morality; "ought implies can", if you ought to do something then you have a reason to do it. It makes no sense to say "I ought to give money to charity, but I have no reason to", as if we ought to do something then we have a reason to do it. Furthermore, a moral reason for doing something is always stronger than any other reason. If we have a moral reason to do something and another reason not to, then


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