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In order to be eligiable for jury duty, under the Criminal Justice act you have to be j

1) between the ages of 18-70

2) Registered as a local government elector

3) Been living in the UK for 5 Years since your 13th birthday

Permenant disqualification from jury duty

1) Imprisonment for life

2) Imprisonment for public protection

Temporary (10yr) disqualification

1) Served a prison sentence in the last 10 years

2) Had a suspended sentence passed on them

People with mental disorders such as a psychopathic disorder, are avlso seen as ineligable for jury service.

Excused for Jury Service.

. Too ill

.Disability that stops you sitting down


.Buisness appointments

Names are selected from the electoral register at random by a computer, a summons is sent out by post to the names that have been selected. Those summons most notify the court if there are reasons as to why they can't attend. All jury members are expected to attend a minimum of 2 weeks jury service.

Before being appointed jurours are checked tto ensure they are appropriate-this is called jury vetting. There are 2 types of checks

1) Police checks to ensure they are not disqualified

2) Wider background checks to find political opinions (only used in terrorist cases)

the jury is asked to swear either an oath or an affirmation





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