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Qualifications ---- set out by The Juries Act 1974 as ammended 

- ages between 18-75 

- Registered on the electrol register 

- Ordinary resident in the UK / or in channel islands of 5 years 


disqualified for life-

1)A person who has been given a life sentence 

2) A person given detention during her majestys pleasure (sentence typically handed out to offenders that have committed horrifying crime whilst being teenagers. their rehabilitation is then reviewed when their adults to determine whether they still pose a threat to others-- if not the case then are realeased)

3) A person who has been given a custodial sentence of more than 5 years 

disqualified for 10 years 

1) A person who is given a custodial sentence of less that 5 years 

-2) A person who has recieved a suspended sentence ( a judicial punishment which is not enforced unless a further crime committed)

3) Anyone given a community order 

Other reasons for not fulfilling a jury service

1)Right of excusal 

- those who are members of the armed forces (but only if the commanding officer certies that they are needed for military services)

-excuses for good reason --pregnant,  student with exams, illness, inference with work or personal circumstances, women with caring responsibilities (will be then deffered)

- those people that have been a juror with 2 years period

2) Discretionary excusals - if they want to avoid attending and not being fined --- then must write to the court and explain why they cannot 

-person must apply to jury central summoning Bureau 

- Must show they have a good reason-- in which then…


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