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LA3…read more

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Jury system's been in place for at least 1,000
Used for local knowledge & act more as
witnesses than decision makers, but their
role was increased by magna carta.
By the C15th Jurors had become
independent assessors.…read more

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Independence of the jury is absolute, established in
Bushell (1670) when the jury refused to convict
quaker activists and the judge refused to let them
stop deliberations and deny them food + drink. Again
they refused to convict and were fined and thrown in
debtors prison. Their convictions were quashed.
A modern day example is R v McKenna(1960) where
the judge threatened to keep the jury all night. They
found D, G but his conviction was quashed due to
judge's interference.
Only a small % of cases are tried by jury.…read more

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Most important use of Juries is where they decide
whether D is G or NG.
This accounts for less than 1% of criminal trials.
97% of cases are dealt within the Magistrates' Court
and 2/3 cases that reach the Crown Court involve
and initial G plea.
Only used in limited circumstances in Civil cases,
often to decide whether the claimant has presented
his case well or the amount of damages he should
Up to 1854 all common law actions were tried by jury.…read more

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Qualifications of jury service were revised by the 1972
Morris Committee.
Before this there was a property qualification; the jurors
had to own or be tenant of a dwelling.
The qualifications were widened by the CJA 1972
To qualify for service, set out in the Juries Act 1974:
- Age between 18-70
-Registered as local Parliamentary + gov't elector
-Ordinarily a resident of the UK, Channel Islands and the
isle of Man…read more

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You cannot be a juror if:
You're a mentally disordered person- weekly
treatment or living in a hospital.
You've been imprisoned for life
Detention during her majesty's pleasure.…read more

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